Redundant WAN on the cheap

So, I’ve been trying to find the best way to provide some extra Internet bandwidth at work without breaking the bank. My initial thought was to double up my T, until I realized how much that would cost me per month, and I still wouldn’t come close to the speed of my home cable modem connection. So, I’ve decided to bring in a Comcast business cable modem as our primary “web” connection. We’ll maintain the T for published services, outgoing email, and redundancy. Simple, cheap, great.

With the easy part out of the way, I embarked on a quest to manage two WAN links. Our firewall/gateway is a Microsoft ISA Server, which doesn’t support multiple WAN links. The only ISA add-on that does support multiple WAN links has just been deemed end of life by EMC. Just as well, as it was $3000. So, I began looking for hardware solutions. Thus began the hard part.
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